Our Tale

hop water

HOPR was created with you in mind. The person who is searching for a great tasting non-alcoholic beverage that reminds them of a great tasting cold one, but without the negative effects that come along after a few too many.

How did we start? We wanted a drink that was refreshing and could be drank without feeling terrible the next day, or the next few days as we've learned as we've gotten older! But, we still wanted that relaxing feeling when life's stressors got in the way.

When we saw the Australian market didn't have it, we decided to make it. That's where months of home brewing and research into healthy, functional ingredients came into play. Long nights and weekends, messy kitchens, and several lockdowns later have led us to where we are today.

Whether you're a sober curious crusader, a lover of beer, or simply enjoy healthy beverages, you'll feel better knowing that you won't be sacrificing your health, social, and fitness goals with HOPR. You'll be able to take it to a party, to the beach, or crack a few open at home, knowing that tomorrow you'll be able to embrace the day without a worry.


Jose, Founder.