About Us


Check this. It's the peak of Covid in 2020. Like many others, I turned to alcohol a bit more because what else was there to do when you're locked in at home with only so much to do. On a late Saturday night, I'm at home watching TV and walk to the fridge to reach for an alcoholic beverage. This freaked me out because I should have gone to bed, which I ultimately did, but it had me thinking if I had a problem. Growing up I had family and friends that passed away from alcohol related issues, and I didn't want to go down that route.

The next day I realised that there had to be a better way to unwind with an adult-tasting beverage that looked good, allowed me to still partake in social settings, and not compromise my health and fitness goals. I didn't want a non-alcoholic beverage that was loaded with calories, sugar, and other ingredients that add up after having a few. It needed to have functionality and be refreshing.

After doing a bit of research into adaptogens and nootropics, I saw the Australian market lacked such type of beverages that provided a stress-relieving and mood-boosting effect. I also noticed that hops were being used in the U.S. to create a clean, refreshing healthy beverage. So I began working on this in my kitchen - creating quite too many messes with soda stream explosions. 

A couple of lockdowns and a fire at the brewery later, HOPR came to life.

I'm excited to bring you on this journey. Let's work together to offer our friends and family a better and healthier way to unwind without having to worry about nasty hangovers, being excluded at social events, or having to drink an unhealthy beverage that'll set us back from being our best, today and tomorrow.