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What is it?

The HOPR Ambassador Program is a community that celebrates our biggest fans! Our ambassadors are more than just HOPR fans—they're storytellers who represent the essence of HOPR. We shine a spotlight on their unique journey with our brand, to empower you to share your story while enjoying exclusive benefits and opportunities.

 The story behind our ambassadors 

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Meet Ryhs 

Hooked on health and a deep connection to the great outdoors, our first HOPR ambassador hails from the far north coast of NSW. He’s a dynamic father of three, an avid sportsman, a loving husband, and a dedicated entrepreneur, all while embracing the journey of sobriety. READ FEATURE

How it works

Here is where we celebrate our most passionate supporters!
Whether you're a non-alcoholic drinks enthusiast, love the outdoors, an athlete, a new parent, or a mindful drinker, everyone is welcome. We embrace individuality, as no two stories are the same and no lives look alike, but they all share a common thread: a love for HOPR. If you'd like to join our program, we'd love to hear from you. Here are a few ways our ambassadors are making a difference:

The impact of ambassadors

Social sharing 

Creating appealing content to post on your social platforms and ours is an amazing opportunity to reach more fans, besides that we love seeing you enjoy your HOPR on a daily basis.

Competitions and events

We want to see you shine in doing what you love, sponsoring one of your favourite events a year while wearing HOPR merch. You don’t have to be an elite athlete, just passionate about it, in any sport/ group activity.

Word of mouth

Sharing the love for our drinks with friends and family at any chance you get is the best way to spread the word out there. You never know who the next HOPR fan will be.

Become an ambassador

Our goal is to start growing our ambassador program. If you would like to be part of it we will start reviewing applications soon 

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How do it sign up?

We are always open to welcome new ambassadors, you can fill out the sign up form here. Be mindful and honest about your answers as we carefully review all of them. 

What is the job of an ambassador?

Ambassadors are the voice of our brand, helping us promote mindful drinking and spread our message. We encourage each ambassador to share in a way that feels most natural and authentic to them. This could mean posting on social media, capturing moments with HOPR in photos or videos, or sharing some cans with friends. We love seeing our ambassadors support us in their unique and personal ways.

Do ambassadors get paid?

While our ambassadors are not compensated with cash, they receive a welcome package upon joining, monthly drinks, special discounts, and even sponsorship to attend one of their preferred events once a year. They are also part of our affiliate program which does compensate in cash. 

What are the requirements to become an ambassador?

Loving HOPR is the #1 requirement! Everyone is welcome as long as they live in Australia. We look forward to getting to know you and hearing your story.

Put yourself on the radar, share and be noticed #sipmindfully #HOPRsquad @drinkhopr

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